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Natural Stone Slabs Porcelain Slabs

Natural Stone Paving or Porcelain Paving

slabs bring a sense of style to a garden that is very hard to beat.

Hudson & Davies Limited

stock a wide selection of natural sandstone slabs and natural limestone slabs that are calibrated to 22mm, producing a uniformity that speeds up the installation. Our

natural sandstone and limestone slabs

, come in a variety of finishes. Our budget range of sandstone and limestone called


comprises of hand finished slabs with a slight riven (nonslip surface) and hand cut edges. We also offer a premium slab known as our


range. These slabs retain the (nonslip surface) riven surface but have sawn edges, providing a finished project that has bold straight lines and joints. Both the


and the


slabs are available in a variety of warm welcoming colours.

In addition to the


and the


Hudson & Davies

also stock another two variations of premium sandstone paving and limestone paving. The ‘Chivas’ and the ‘Misty’ ranges.

The premium ‘Chivas’ range comprises of sandstone and limestone slabs that have been machine cut and then honed to produce not only stunningly beautiful but also perfectly smooth finished natural stone slabs. The ‘Chivas’ again has a nonslip finish.

The final premium offering of sandstone and limestone slabs sold by

Hudson & Davies

is known as the ‘Misty’ range. Similar to the method used to produce the ‘Chivas’ slabs, the ‘Misty’ slabs undergo a further treatment. A very light sandblasting that produces a very slightly stippled nonslip surface. Both the ‘Chivas’ and the ‘Misty’ range of slabs, offer the customer a chance to enhance their property both aesthetically and financially.

Here at

Hudson & Davies

we also sell a range of

Vitrified Porcelain Paving

. The ‘Lake’ range of

vitrified porcelain paving

comprises of man-made slabs that are of a consistent 20mm thickness. These slip resistant porcelain slabs have an exceptionally low porosity making them virtually stain free, with little maintenance needed. These porcelain slabs do not require sealing and are resistant to moss and mould growth. They can be used both externally and internally, and are suitable for high traffic areas.

The ‘Lake’ range of porcelain slabs are available in a variety of colours, slab size and pack size. Please see the individual listings for details.


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