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For plumbers,

Hudson & Davies Limited

stocks a large range of plumbing materials including external

MDPE pipe

and fittings as well as internal

plastic pipe


copper pipe

and fittings.

We stock a range of

plumbing products

for your

external plumbing

needs no matter whether the water is heading in to your property or making its way out. If you need to fit a water supply in to your property, then our range of 20mm and 25mm below ground

MDPE pipe


For internal plumbing,

Hudson & Davies Limited

stocks both 15mm and 22mm

copper pipe

in 3m lengths. We also stock a full range of

end feed copper fittings

, a full range of

Yorkshire copper fittings

and a full range of

brass compression fittings

all of which are available in both 15mm and 22mm. If you prefer to work with plastic, we stock

Speedfit BPEX barrier pipe

. Available in both 15mm and 22mm, we also stock a full range of

John Guest Speedfit fittings

and inserts.

We stock

plastic waste pipe and fittings in sizes 50mm, 40mm and 32mm. Both

solvent weld


compression fittings

are stocked for this pipe. To complement this range, we also stock

bath traps


shower traps


sink traps


washing machine traps


Other plumbing products stocked include

radiator valves


isolating valves




cistern parts

and most

plumbing tools


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